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The Orthopaedic Network, a non-profit and unaffiliated group formed by professionals in the Trauma & Orthopaedic community in the UK, aims to address professional, social, and charitable concerns without political or institutional influence. Recognising a national lack of cohesion among orthopaedic professionals, the network serves as a platform for collaboration and career development.

Their mission is to enhance orthopaedic practices through awareness, education, leadership, and integration. The vision is to foster a dynamic and innovative orthopaedic community, promoting excellence in surgical practice and knowledge delivery.

Objectives include creating a supportive educational environment for trainees, consultants, and other specialities, offering resources for professional exams, establishing international connections for skill development, facilitating fellowships, teaching opportunities, and career advancement, as well as engaging in charitable endeavours and advocating for professionals’ interests within the evolving NHS.

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