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In a world too often marked by suffering and silenced voices, Neglected Elements envisions a transformative future where healthcare professionals are not just knowledgeable but deeply attuned to the lives and experiences of those they serve. Our vision transcends the ordinary, aspiring to a global landscape where empathy and expertise intersect seamlessly.

Our mission at Neglected Elements is to bridge the gap between this visionary ideal and reality through comprehensive global health education. We are committed to empowering professionals with the tools they need for better training, fostering deep understanding and compassion, giving a voice to the most vulnerable among us. With unwavering dedication, we endeavour to contribute to a brighter, more compassionate world, driven by knowledge and ethical values at our core.

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Rooted in boldness, Neglected Elements stands as a steadfast provider of high-quality resources designed to empower professionals. We are unafraid to pioneer new training where none exists and to elevate existing standards to new heights. Our vision is clear: to bridge the gap in knowledge and awareness, ensuring that healthcare professionals worldwide are equipped to meet the diverse needs of their communities.

Respect is woven into the fabric of Neglected Elements, extending to every corner of the globe. We operate with integrity and a commitment to ethical principles as our guiding stars. Advocates of equality and justice, we believe that access to quality healthcare and education should be universal rights, not privileges. At Neglected Elements, we strive to uphold these values in all aspects of our work, fostering a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and excellence in healthcare education.

The Neglected Elements Team

Dr Priyesh Patel

Priyesh Patel

Dr Priyesh Patel, a London-based NHS Clinical Entrepreneur and CEO of Neglected Elements, spearheads transformative change in healthcare education. With expertise in global health and frontline medical care, he champions marginalised groups’ voices, particularly with his ground-breaking course on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. Committed to revolutionising online training, he drives effective engagement to address healthcare disparities.

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