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MediGuru is an online medical education resource with courses designed and aimed to help junior doctors pass their examinations and interviews for their training posts. Our courses aim to demystify the application processes for interviews and examinations, share our experiences and provide a comprehensive online revision resource.

Our journey began with ENT Interview Guru, the pioneering online platform for ENT ST3 interview preparation. Inspired by the positive response, we ventured into CST Interview Guru, catering to core surgical training aspirants. More recently, we launched DOHNS course support, and we’re currently developing a range of resources to assist candidates seeking other specialities

Our online resource is written by a team of doctors, who were high-ranking candidates who have passed the examinations and the interviews, along with experts in the field. We aim to provide you with a wealth of information and the greatest number of relevant practice scenarios and stations to help you with your revision process, so that you would only need one online resource to revise.

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