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    Designed specifically for doctors and healthcare professionals, this online course on Effective Time Management imparts crucial time management skills to enable better handling of workloads and enhancing work-life balance.

    Based on extensively researched models and techniques, the course covers an extensive range of knowledge and skills.

    Course Topics

    • Learn the skills and techniques to manage your time effectively.
    • Understand the common time management pitfalls and how to avoid them.
    • Learn how to prioritise your tasks and stay on track.
    • Gain the confidence to say no to requests that are not a priority.
    • Discover how to use emotional drivers to stay motivated and productive.
    • Learn how to manage interruptions and focus on your work.
    • Delegate tasks effectively to free up your time.
    • Overcome procrastination and achieve your goals.
    • Learn how to manage meetings more effectively.

    Course Modules:

    Introduction to Time Management

    • Learn how to track your time to understand how you currently spend it.
    • Learn about different time management approaches and techniques.
    • Understand the characteristics of good time managers.

    Planning and Scheduling

    • Consider various time management techniques for scheduling and planning work activities.
    • Learn how to use the Eisenhower matrix effectively to prioritise tasks.

    Barriers to Time Management

    • Reflect on the consequences of saying yes too often and learn how to say no.
    • Understand the concepts of rights and responsibilities.
    • Learn about emotional drivers and how to use them to be more efficient.
    • Learn how to manage emails more effectively to avoid wasting time.

    Delegation & Avoiding Procrastination

    • Reflect on the concept of delegation, why we need to do it, why we are reluctant to do it, and whom we should delegate to or not.
    • Consider the issue of procrastination, how you can avoid it, but also how you can embrace it.

    Managing Meetings

    • Explore how meetings impact on your time and that of others.
    • Consider ways in which you can make meetings more effective.

    Additional Resources

    • Access a variety of resources to help you further develop your time management skills.


    • Understand the importance of time management and how it can improve your work-life balance.
    • Learn how to track your time and identify where you are wasting time.
    • Learn how to set priorities and focus on the most important tasks.
    • Learn how to delegate tasks and avoid procrastination.
    • Learn how to manage meetings effectively.
    • Develop a personal time management plan that works for you.


    • Anaesthetics
    • Emergency Medicine
    • General Practice
    • Intensive Care
    • Medicine
    • Obs & Gynae
    • Ophthalmology
    • Paediatrics
    • Psychiatry
    • Radiology
    • Surgery

    Target Audience

    • Foundation Doctor
    • Senior House Officer
    • SAS Doctor
    • Registrar
    • Consultant
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Physician Associate


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    Effective Time Management Course

    ISC Medical Featured OD

    Accredited by The CPD Certification Service

    4 CPD


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    Designed specifically for doctors and healthcare professionals, this course imparts time management skills to improve workloads, enhancing work-life balance.