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    Medical emergencies present directly to the emergency department or within the majority of medical specialities. Some are life-threatening, and some occur very rarely.

    This collection of virtual reality training experiences has been developed alongside NHS clinicians, within NHS trusts. The growing library has been designed to provide experience in managing emergency situations.

    We use 360-degree video to create simulated emergency situations, providing a first-person view of the simulation. Fully immersive VR games are used to simulate procedures such as emergency front-of-neck access, intraosseous access in the adult or child, and basic life support. 

    Growing Library

    Search 50+ VR training experiences across 10 speciality collections.

    Clinician Led

    VR training content created within NHS Trusts across the UK.

    Use Any Device

    Virtual Reality training works on phones, computers and VR headsets.

    Current Experiences


    • Anaesthetics
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Intensive Care

    Target Audience

    • Medical Student
    • Foundation Doctor
    • Senior House Officer
    • SAS Doctor
    • Registrar
    • Consultant
    • International Medical Graduate
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Physician Associate


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    Emergency Medicine VR Training

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    Our collection of virtual reality training experiences was developed with clinicians within NHS trusts, providing experience managing emergency situations