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The Portfolio Clinic Featured

For the first time, we are delivering our portfolio development service through a 6-month cohort programme.

Starting in September 2024, selected candidates (mentees) will have access to a personal near-peer mentor in their desired specialty, virtual portfolio development events, and e-learning modules to work through at their own pace. Over the course of the 6-month programme, you will be allocated a personal near-peer mentor to support your career planning, portfolio development, and application to specialty training. As a guide, mentees will aim to meet with their mentor once per month.

Currently, we have mentors in the following specialties:

  • Internal Medicine (IMT)
  • Core Surgery (CST)
  • Anaesthetics
  • Paediatrics
  • Radiology

Virtual events throughout the programme will help you hone specific domains of your portfolio such as education, QI, research, and leadership while providing an opportunity for networking with mentors and fellow mentees.

We understand the importance of time efficiency when it comes to portfolio development, which is why our events focus on supporting you to deliver valuable projects in a limited timeframe.

Holding these events virtually means that our mentees can access them from wherever they are in the UK or watch them as “catch-up” after the events have finished. New for 2024, mentees in our cohorts will have access to a diverse range of e-learning modules to access at their own pace and in their own time.

Topics include:

  • IMT/CST/Radiology/Anaesthetics/Paediatrics Application and Shortlisting Process for 2024/2025.
  • Developing an Educational Programme.
  • Gaining research experience in a limited time period.
  • Performing short and effective QI projects.
  • Interview preparation – Answering skills-based questions.

To be eligible for The Portfolio Resus Programme, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • GMC registered with a current or upcoming job in the NHS.
  • Junior doctor at an FY1-FY3+ level.
  • Applying to training (IMT/CST/Anaesthetics/Radiology/Paediatrics) within the next two years.
  • As a social enterprise, we recognise the importance of improving accessibility to training programmes.

We believe the days of paying hundreds of pounds for impersonal, generic interview and portfolio preparation courses should come to an end.

We promise our mentees that we will keep our pricing competitive and reinvest a significant amount of our profits in mentee and mentor development on our programmes.

£79.99 Event Price

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Anaesthetics, All Medical Specialties, Paediatrics, Radiology and All Surgical Specialties


Foundation Doctor and SHO