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May 23 @ 9:00 am 4:00 pm BST

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Feeling anxious about prescribing in the UK? You’re not alone. Many international doctors face challenges adapting to new systems and guidelines. That’s why we created this exclusive online course, designed to bridge the gap and boost your confidence in safe prescribing for General Practice.

Why is this for you?

  • Master essential NHS prescribing practices: antibiotics, mental health, shared care, structured reviews, end-of-life care, and more.

  • Gain practical confidence: Tackle real-life scenarios, patient simulations, and editable prescribing charts through our interactive workbook.

  • Learn from the best: Expert tutors provide personalized feedback and guidance.

  • Earn valuable CPD credit: Receive a Certificate of Participation (5 hours equivalent).

Who should attend?

  • General Practice Trainees

  • Foundation Doctors (rotating through General Practice)

Don’t let prescribing anxiety hold you back.

Invest in your future, enroll today and embrace safe, confident prescribing in UK General Practice.

Additional enhancements:

  • Emphasize the financial and human cost of medication errors in the NHS.

  • Highlight the interactive and hands-on nature of the course.

  • Use strong action verbs to showcase the learning outcomes.

  • Shorten and simplify the sentence structure for easy reading.


  • Replace technical jargon with clearer terms.

£100 Event Price


General Practice


Medical Student, Foundation Doctor, SHO, Registrar, SAS Doctor, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Associate


CPD Accredited