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July 12 @ 8:45 am 5:00 pm GMT

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Why Choose the Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors?

The Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors is one of the three distinct 1-day courses offered in our Medical Leadership & Management range. Our focus here is on the effective organisation and management of people, projects, and resources, which requires a unique set of skills. The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management recognises that applying these skills successfully has positive impacts across the board. Notably, it benefits patients by improving their experience and outcomes, while organisations experience improved performance and efficiency. Additionally, doctors themselves find personal satisfaction through these skills, which support them in their daily work with clarity of purpose and effective time management. Moreover, these skills are crucial for the success of change projects and the management of serious incidents.

The course aligns with the Medical Leadership Competency Framework developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the NHS Leadership Academy. It also corresponds to the more recent FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals.

What Will I Learn?

Throughout this 1-day course, your tutor will introduce you to various concepts and models. However, we understand that you seek more than just theory – you want practical application. Therefore, we have thoughtfully selected principles that are easy to learn yet powerful enough to be adaptable in a wide range of situations. Here are a few examples of the broad range of situations where you can apply these skills:

  • Managing research projects and conducting audits
  • Controlling personal development and revalidation, as well as developing business cases
  • Preparing essays and conducting critical incident investigations
  • Leading quality improvement projects and developing new services
  • Running effective meetings, and much more

The key topics covered in the course include:

1. Review and Root Cause Analysis:
– Exploring methods of reflection, review, and investigation
– Establishing what has happened, why it has happened, and clarifying the impacts of actions

2. Developing Aims and Objectives:
– Experimenting with different approaches to define desired outcomes of analysis

3. Developing Robust and Realistic Plans:
– Testing methods for preparing actionable plans for yourself and others

4. Delivery and Implementation:
– Ensuring effective execution, including delegation, addressing procrastination, and managing interruptions

5. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness:
– Managing oneself as well as managing others

Is This Course Right for Me?

We have designed this course to help you advance in key areas of leadership and management. Your ability to manage time, people, and resources is important at every stage of your career, but it becomes increasingly vital as you progress. Regardless of your current level, you have two primary areas of focus: personal effectiveness in your daily practice and participation in quality improvement and service development. Sometimes you will have a formal leadership role, while other times you will participate in someone else’s project or work independently. Developing these skills takes time, so it’s never too early to start learning, and it’s never too late to refresh and explore new concepts. That’s why FMLM accredits this course as suitable for doctors at all levels.

Many doctors use their course certificates as evidence of leadership and management training. It can support applications for CT, IMT, or ST programmes, contribute to CESR, aid in achieving CCT, or serve as evidence for revalidation.

What Is the Format?

The course structure accommodates a maximum of 18 delegates and incorporates hands-on exercises, discussion groups, and engaging presentations. Your tutor ensures that the various models, concepts, and examples are relevant to your specific experience and requirements, creating a highly interactive learning environment. This approach allows you to learn not only from your experienced tutor but also from your fellow delegates. The variety of activities holds your attention from the 09:00 start time until the end of the day, typically around 16:30-17:00, depending on delegate numbers and level of interaction.

This course is accredited for 6 CPD points.

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Medical Student, Foundation Doctor, SHO, Registrar, SAS Doctor, Consultant, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Associate


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