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April 16 All day

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📣 The Code Med team are super excited to announce our next course date

We teach healthcare professionals how to code using real-world clinical examples. By drawing comparisons between clinical principles you already know and understand and coding concepts, we accelerate learning and make learning to code fun!

The Code Med Course started in February 2021, and what a journey it has been since then:

🩺 We’ve taught nearly 200 healthcare professionals and students how to code (ranging from medical students, junior doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, consultants, nurses and more)

🌎 Our delegates have been healthcare professionals from all across the UK, as well as USA, Canada, India, Africa and Dubai

✏️ Along the way, we have picked up some incredible feedback and testimonials: see https://codemed.co.uk/course/home/outcomes/ and https://codemed.co.uk/course/home/testimonials/

🚀 Previous delegates have gone on to build their own innovations, join startups or be appointed to various digital health-related management roles within the NHS

Over the 12-week period, we will teach you how to build computer apps in Java through a combination of weekly live programming sessions and offline learning materials. Our teaching uses clinically-themed examples to explain coding concepts. Furthermore, you will be assigned a mentor, who will guide you throughout this learning process and support you in your journey into the world of digital-health innovation.

Offline learning materials will train you to put the principles learned during the live programming sessions into practice to create apps with real clinical utility.

We understand you may have commitments that could mean you miss live sessions. As a result, sessions will be recorded and shared with you so that you stay up to date.

🖥 Find out more and register 👉 https://codemed.co.uk/course/

Pricing is as advertised on our website – don’t miss out on our early bird discount!

Once you have registered on our website, we will be in touch via email regarding payment and how to get set up for the course.

🤝 Keep in touch!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions: hello@codemed.co.uk

Spread the word and feel free to let any friends and colleagues know about our course!

Twitter: @Code_Med_

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/code-med

Website: https://codemed.co.uk

Based on our post-course surveys, nearly 50% of course attendees have had their fees funded by their employer/institution.

Junior doctors (Foundation year 2 and above) have typically obtained funding through ‘aspirational funding’ or ‘study budget funding’.

Look forward to having you on our course!

£250 – £800 Event Price

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All Specialities


Medical Student, Foundation Doctor, SHO, Registrar, SAS Doctor, Consultant, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Associate