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April 10 @ 8:45 am 5:00 pm BST

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This one-day medical leadership and management course focuses on how you influence others to accomplish goals. Before sharing strategies for adaptability, our knowledgeable tutors assist you in determining your unique leadership style.

We look at strategies for inspiring and influencing your team to perform at their best. Both consistency and creativity have a place in contemporary healthcare. We therefore make sure that you are able to resolve conflicts between these opposing behaviours.

We also look into underperformance, including its causes and management strategies.

Why this course?

Since their first years of training, doctors must develop leadership and management skills due to the dynamic nature of modern healthcare. Throughout your career, it’s crucial to review, polish, and improve these skills.

Our materials and format are the result of years of research, development, and improvement in this area. To ensure that the content is rich in both depth and breadth, we consult a wide range of healthcare reports and materials.

An example of applied human behaviour is medical leadership and management. As a result, we also look outside the healthcare industry. We look into the top models and ideas that are out there. Additionally, we take great care to make sure that you can apply what you learn to your role as a doctor by interactively sharing this content.

We are pleased that the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management has recognised and accredited our Essentials of Medical Leadership & Management Course as a result (FMLM).

What do I learn in this management and leadership course?

Your expert tutor gets things started by guiding your research on teams.

  • How do they progress?
  • What are the needs of team members?
  • Why do bad things happen?

They then assist you in determining your unique leadership-management style and the potential impact you may have in various contexts before introducing you to strategies that improve your adaptability.

Next, we pay attention to influence, motivation, and engagement. You gain tools and techniques that you can use in a variety of circumstances as a result of this. In the world of modern medicine, both innovation and consistency are crucial. We therefore spend a portion of the day figuring out how to balance these competing demands.

Finally, we focus on the difficulty of dealing with underperformance effectively.

You converse with and gain knowledge from your fellow delegates along the way, as well as from your tutor. We accomplish this by striking a balance between imparting knowledge, allowing you to learn through experience, and giving you time to reflect. This strategy aids in the development of your original ideas.

As part of your delegate package, you also get a copy of our book, The Essential Guide to Medical Leadership & Management (retail price: £29.99). When you register for a course in the Virtual Training Room, you will receive both the digital and print versions of this. It aids in your course learning and gives you access to a priceless resource for future use.

This event is credited for 6 CPD points.

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