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October 31, 2023 @ 8:45 am 5:00 pm BST

Oxford Medical Training

The Advanced Patient Communication Skills Course for Junior Doctors is designed to enhance your ability to communicate effectively with patients. In modern healthcare, the doctor-patient relationship is of utmost importance, and continuous development of communication skills is essential.

Regrettably, communication issues and behaviour-related concerns often rank among the top causes of patient complaints. By improving your communication skills, you can enhance patient outcomes, elevate their experience, optimise efficiency, reduce errors, and minimise complaints. Additionally, effectively delivering difficult news is a challenge that should never be underestimated. This course provides you with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact in these areas. Our approach focuses on building upon your existing knowledge and experience to advance your skills.

Course Objectives

Over the course of one day, you will gain valuable insights into self-awareness and the factors that influence behaviour, enabling you to take realistic steps towards improving your communication. We begin by identifying your personal challenges and working collaboratively to develop practical solutions. Understanding what you and your patients aim to communicate, and the underlying reasons behind it, is crucial.

Armed with this understanding, you can adapt your approach accordingly. Furthermore, we delve into the factors that influence communication, providing you with deeper insights into patient behaviour and enhancing your personal awareness.

These aspects contribute to the development of empathy, rapport, and more effective interactions. Additionally, the course equips you with the skills to achieve concordance with your patients and effectively deliver difficult news with compassion. Lastly, we explore strategies for handling complaints when they arise.

Course Structure

In order to facilitate an interactive learning experience, our course is led by an experienced clinician who excels in medical education. To ensure an optimal learning environment, we limit the number of participants to 18, allowing for a diverse group of doctors from various specialities and grades. Your tutor expertly guides you through a series of exercises, which include discussions on personal experiences and opinions. We encourage you to see situations from the patient’s perspective and provide opportunities to practise challenging scenarios within a safe and supportive environment. This approach enables you to learn from your own experiences and reflections, as well as through interactions with your fellow delegates and tutor.

The course begins promptly at 09:00 and includes regular breaks for reflection. The typical duration is between 16:30-17:00, depending on delegate numbers and the level of interaction. Throughout the day, we refer to the Advanced Patient Communication Skills for Doctors guidebook, which has been recognised with the Award for Top Medical Staff Training and Development Company UK 2022. Upon attending the course in person, you will receive a printed copy of the guidebook, while booking a Virtual Training Room course grants you access to the digital version. This guidebook is a valuable resource that you can reference in the future to sustain your ongoing professional development.

We look forward to supporting your growth as a junior doctor and enhancing your patient communication skills through this comprehensive course.

Accredited for 6 CPD points


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Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, General Practice, All Medical Specialties, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology and All Surgical Specialties


Foundation Doctor, SHO, Registrar, SAS Doctor and Consultant


CPD Accredited