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Why the 2-day Advanced Communication Skills Course for Doctors?

In the context of contemporary medicine, the value of strong communication skills for doctors is now widely acknowledged. Your interactions with patients and coworkers have a direct impact on the experience, effectiveness, and results. So, good medical practise today expects the greatest standards. Sadly, too many doctors take these abilities for granted. The actual effects of deficits have been highlighted in several investigations throughout the years. Thank goodness, the revalidation procedures call for doctors to keep up-to-date on all aspects of their profession.

Selecting our 2-Day Advanced Communication Skills Course for Doctors is a thorough and effective way to brush up on your skills and enhance them.

Day 1 – Advanced Team Communication Skills

Teamwork is important in contemporary healthcare. The Francis Report emphasised its critical contribution to enhancing care standards while lowering risk and mistakes. A GMC study from more recent times detailed a number of typical problematic sub-cultures in the medical industry. Numerous studies conducted in the meantime have found that bullying behaviour is all too frequent.

At the same time, worries about the prevalence of burnout are growing. If these problems are to be overcome, doctors must be competent and ready to engage in difficult dialogues in a positive way. However, it is not always simple to speak properly or project confidence when under pressure.

Being a good communicator allows you to do more while using less time and effort. Patient outcomes are enhanced and errors are decreased. You are perceived by others as having influence and presence. someone they trust and listen to. But how can you change things and get better with what you already have?

We push you and encourage you to reconsider how you engage. Your interactions with coworkers at all levels are the main emphasis. This includes your coworkers, senior medical staff, management, anybody who formally or informally reports to you, and members of other teams. For effective leadership, it is also crucial to comprehend team dynamics and how to enhance them.

Day 2 – Advanced Patient Communication Skills 

The Advanced Patient Communication Skills Course for Junior Doctors is designed to enhance your ability to communicate effectively with patients. In modern healthcare, the doctor-patient relationship is of utmost importance, and continuous development of communication skills is essential.

Regrettably, communication issues and behaviour-related concerns often rank among the top causes of patient complaints. By improving your communication skills, you can enhance patient outcomes, elevate their experience, optimise efficiency, reduce errors, and minimise complaints. Additionally, effectively delivering difficult news is a challenge that should never be underestimated. This course provides you with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact in these areas. Our approach focuses on building upon your existing knowledge and experience to advance your skills.


These course modules can also be purchased separately – see booking information.

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